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Targeted Delivery of CNS Therapeutics

Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) is a method used to deliver drugs to specific structures in the brain. Instead of conventional diffusion, where distribution is limited, CED uses bulk flow to deliver therapeutics over a large area and enables therapeutic doses to reach specific brain targets. This technique allows drugs to get through the blood brain barrier to deep brain structures. Micro catheters are used to deliver drugs using CED; at the tip of the catheter a pressure gradient is generated and pushes the drug through the interstitial space allowing for homogenous distribution and maximising the therapeutic effect.

This technique has been and is currently being used in clinical trials to treat a range of neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Diseases, Brain Tumours and Fronto Temporal Dementia.

What do we do?

We are bringing transformative therapies to patients with neurological diseases using state of the art technology. Specialising in creating bespoke therapeutic strategies for the direct delivery of gene and other therapies .

World leading experts

The Neurochase team, which includes world leaders in drug delivery to the CNS, is developing globally scalable delivery solutions for the pharma & biotech industry, enabling them to deliver gene and other therapies safely and effectively.
Neurochase Delivery System

Our Services

Alongside our development of the next generation of CNS drug delivery platforms we provide an array of consultancy and training services on direct delivery to the CNS.
Our pre-clinical support service can help you with protocol development, equipment and devices for optimal drug delivery in studies.

As you move into Clinical trials we can help with protocol development, surgical workflow optimisation and surgeon training and from 2025 access to our revolutionary new CED devices.

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