Why Convection
Enhanced Delivery?

Almost 1 billion people suffer from neurological disorders, with the cost of care amounting to 1.6 trillion dollars per year in Europe and the US alone.”
Neurochase is developing a fast, safe and scalable system that uses a process called Convection Enhanced Delivery to deliver therapies directly to specific targets in the brain and central nervous system. 

In this video Professor Gill discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several approaches to drug delivery to the CNS.

CED compared to other approaches

Can target specific brain & spine anatomy

Doesn't risk off-target side-effects including hepatotoxicity

Homogeneous distribution of therapeutics

High spinal cord and brain transduction

Penetration of CNS not limited by blood-brain-barrier

Not affected by circulating neutralising antibodies

Does not require high infused titres to achieve CNS penetration

Reduced risk of DRG toxicity

Why CED Solves a Global Problem

A number of routes of administration (ROAs) are currently under investigation by leading global pharma and biotech companies developing the next generation of CNS therapeutics. It is clear that the ROA is critical for successful delivery of drugs to target CNS structures at therapeutic concentrations. ROAs currently under investigation include systemic (IV), intracerebroventricular (ICV), intra-cisterna magna (ICM), intrathecal (IT) and intraparenchymal delivery.
Only intraparenchymal convection-enhanced delivery can achieve highly targeted drug distribution at therapeutic concentrations in both the brain and spinal cord whilst minimising off-target side effects, including hepatotoxicity and dorsal root ganglia damage. The intraparenchymal ROA allows therapeutic drug concentrations to be achieved in target structures using substantially lower doses compared with other ROAs.
The Neurochase system, designed and developed specifically for intraparenchymal drug delivery, is the first in the world to offer a safe, scalable, time- and resource-efficient method for direct drug delivery to the brain.
The Neurochase system can be used to achieve safe and highly accurate drug infusion into the brain, and can be used to deliver a wide range of therapeutic agents including gene therapies, cellular therapies, immunotherapies, radio-isotopes and conventional chemotherapies.
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